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Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDlock® offers peace of mind, with extra security to commercial vehicles.



Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDlock® is a locking solution designed specifically for vans sliding doors and side doors, this include a built in keyway dust protection within the cylinder mechanism to prevent ingress from road emissions and the elements, this is the ultimate security solution for today’s van owners.
ArmaDlock® is an all in one non-corrosive lock body solution that offers no hanging parts that could damage the paintwork around the lock. The unique lock body design of Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDlock® has been carefully created to deflect blows from a hammer and together with the steel locking bolt adds extra protection. ArmaDlock® is very simple: key to open, then push to lock when you’re done.
The key system can be supplied in any key configuration to suit your needs.
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