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Mul-T-Lock high security fleet management system KonnectLock

Centralised Fleet management platform for Complete monitoring solutions

FLEET CENTER with integrated management solution to all of your shipping container and transported cargo monitoring, whether or not they are motorised or stationary. Once your goods are connected, our experts will combine with any other management software you use, including software for managing payroll, distribution and accounting—to help you make informed business decisions. We also offers you an anti-theft option that lets you keep all your goods secure.

Stable and robust technology

FLEET CENTER uses GPRS’s technology and network thanks to agreements with large global distributors of mobile technology. This way, Kolombo can ensure that your data is always available anywhere, any time.

User-friendly dashboard

FLEET CENTER software is available online and via a mobile app, offering you a large selection of basic functions that give you an overview of your goods and personnel on the ground. In real time, you can view the location, direction, speed, and temperature of each of your units. You can also set up a virtual borders with just a few clicks so you can be notified when a vehicle enters or exits a specific zone. Plus program alarms for any event that requires your attention.


Comprehensive reports

FLEET CENTER also provides you with base reports to help guide your business decisions: tax reports for fuel based on states/provinces crossed, zone entry and exit reports, driver reports, temperature graphs, usage history, and more. You can also create reports adapted to your specific needs in just a few clicks.