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Advanced Asset Tracking & Remote Monitoring Solution

The CelloTrack product line is designed for advanced asset tracking and remote monitoring


Advanced Asset Tracking & Remote Monitoring Solution

Featuring enhanced functionality with full fleet management capabilities, robustness and ease of installation, suitable for a wide variety of asset management applications. The CelloTrack product line is available in two variants – a standalone version and a power version, which includes extended battery life and the ability to connect external sensors via two configurable GPIOs.



CelloTrack product line

The capabilities provided by the CelloTrack product line can greatly increase the productivity and bottom-line of enterprises.

This is largely due to the improvement in the often difficult task of successfully tracking
and remotely managing the location, usage profile and security aspects of transportation equipment such as trailers, containers, train wagons or any kind of valuable mobile and fixed assets, such as electricity generators, heavy machinery, chemical toilets and waste containers.


A standalone, self-powered, mobile device, equipped with a durable and long-life battery as well as a highly durable IP67 weatherproof casing. This device functions optimally without direct access to a power supply, without ongoing maintenance and with high resilience under severe conditions.

CelloTrack Power

A device with an internal charger suitable for cases where an intermittent power supply exists and permanent installation with additional monitoring and control capabilities through the versatile GPIO are required. The unit charges its internal battery when the power is connected and uses its battery while power is disconnected to ensure continuous serviceability, sometimes with long periods between power connection events.


CelloTrack attribute

GNSS receiver, supporting GPS and GLONASS positioning engine and offering high acquisition and tracking performance.
Rugged IP67 enclosure for outdoor durability and long operating life.
Dual tampering detection mechanism to detect tampering of device from cradle and/or cradle from mounting surface.
Fully-featured fleet management capabilities.
High performance Li-Poly rechargeable battery with various battery solutions (3Y, 8M, XT).
Adaptive transmission rate, automatically adjusted as a function of external power availability and movement status.