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Mul-T-Lock Restricted key Control

Mul-T-Lock's patented high security key system is the latest and most sophisticated designs security key platform, provides a complete high security with key control in a simple solutions. Mul-T-Lock's advanced key solutions offer the key owner a complete control over their key system, include solutions that never seen before in any other mechanical key system in the market.

Restricted keys with advanced Patented key system

Mul-T-Lock offers the latest restricted and patent key system “Interactive+”, patented till 2028 and it's only available at select authorised Mul-T-Lock dealers.


Mul-T-Lock implements a strict key control procedure

Mul-T-Lock implements a strict key control procedure to protect against unauthorised key duplication.

Mul-T-Lock “Interactive+” patented key system provides high security and protection where you need it. And since a single key can fit into all locking products, you’ll have the convenience you want.
Restricted Key Control Procedures

All Mul-T-Lock patented keys come with a card that is necessary for key duplication.
This is an authorisation card, which serves the purpose of proving that you are authorised person to obtain duplicate keys. Anyone attempting to make keys without possession of this Key Order card will be refused. So you can rest assured that Mul-T-Lock’s high security protection covers all the bases – offering strength, durability, superior pick and drill resistance and ultimate key control with every cylinder.
Purchasing Additional Keys