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KonnectLock - Advanced GPS padlock

KonnectLock Application

KonnectLock can be used for a wide range of applications,

to provide protection of places and property like remote location cargo, security companies, commercial and retail, security for customs operation and for personal use.

An intelligent alarm portable locking solution

combining Best in Class High Security Mechanical Padlock with Kolombo’s advanced accelerometer monitoring with world-wide GPS-location system and GSM communication. KonnectLock automatically notifies when the assets are accessed, as well as the assets’ location.

Mul-T-Lock GPS Padlock - Smartphone app

KonnectLock - Cargo Security

KonnectLock in Cargo Security

KonnectLock tracks high-value cargo throughout its transport cycle, keeping users informed via alerts about both predefined and unplanned events. Your customers will know where their monitored container, vehicles, trucks and vans are situated, allowing them to efficiently and cost effectively  supervision and control goods remotely. KonnectLock monitors cargo from one location to another — regardless of distance or transportation method — for real-time peace of mind.

KonnectLock - Remote Locations

KonnectLock in Remote Locations

An ideal solution for remote locations, KonnectLock does not require an interface to security or alarm systems, nor does it require any special preparation, wiring or installation. This primarily autonomous system, with its cellular communication abilities and embedded GPS technology allows you to reach and provide security for the most remote assets and keep them monitored. Remote locations, in particular those without perimeter protection, such as water lines, cellular sites, train depots, and high antennas, or heavy equipment like agricultural machinery, boats, caravans and others need to be secured. In the event a break-in attempt takes place, an alert is sent out allowing users to respond quickly to mitigate risks stemming from theft or damage.


KonnectLock - Customs Security

KonnectLock in Customs Security

KonnectLock helps customs operations secure and monitor transported goods and ensure they have not been tampered with while en route and during the inspection cycle by reducing the risk of unauthorized acts and access attempts. With automated alerts containing details such as asset location and time of access, KonnectLock can provide efficient tracking throughout the customs’ logistics process.

KonnectLock - Security Companies

KonnectLock in Security Companies

KonnectLock gives Security Companies control and convenience while providing continuous coverage over all protected access points to monitored assets. It is designed toprotect valuable property while keeping you informed no matter where you or the assets are. It’s an ideal solution for those hard-to-reach locations such as water lines, high antennas and surveillance cameras, where the physical inspections of locks is labor and time intensive.  KonnectLock saves you time, cost and manpower, through effective protection.


KonnectLock - for Personal Security

KonnectLock for Personal Security

When people store personal goods or highly valuable assets, whether at home or in a storage facility, they want to make sure that the right steps are taken to protect them. KonnectLock gives your customers the comfort of knowing that even when their property is stored away, it is being monitored and protected. No matter what the size, be it a motorcycle in a parking lot, or a storage unit, and regardless if it’s stationary or being transported, KonnectLock gives added accountability and information, letting users know what is happening with them.

KonnectLock - in Commercial & Retail Security

KonnectLock in Commercial & Retail Security

In the commercial and retail environment, ensuring the protection of goods and equipment is a key priority. KonnectLock helps secure your customers’ inventory, commercial goods and supplies, and valuable equipment, with its ability to provide High Security for storage units, storefronts, containers, vending machines and commercial equipment.  Moreover, they’ll know when, where and how KonnectLock is accessed, providing better control and monitoring over their goods